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Understanding the complex requirements of customers

Many companies make the mistake of determining their products, services and strategies simply by making internal, unplanned and uninformed decisions without paying close attention to the customer.

However, it should be your goal to intimately know and understand your customers’ needs. Once this is achieved, you’ll be on the path to delivering market-leading solutions, products and services.

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5 reasons to consider implementing microlearning into your learning strategy

While it’s no secret that human beings have short attention spans, a study by Microsoft researchers revealed that since the year 2000 (when the mobile revolution began), the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. That’s one second shorter than a goldfish!

So, how do you grab your learners’ attention, and more importantly, how do you hold their attention once you’ve got it?  One of the best solutions to this conundrum is simple: microlearning.

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The power of VR & AR - transforming workplace learning

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have the power to truly transform learning. These new technologies provide truly immersive virtual training experiences in the workplace, from basic equipment instruction techniques all the way through to high level executive leadership development.

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Why mentoring matters in the workplace

Did you know that 71% of Fortune 500 companies offer formal mentoring programs to their employees? Or that 79% of millennials expect mentorship and see it as critical to their future success?

At Workstar, we’re strong advocates of mentorship programs in every organisation across Australia that value their employees’ contribution to their success. Sure, we understand that some formal training may be required in most organisations, but we also know that most people will learn and retain knowledge when they’re ‘on the job’, learning from others and being given the opportunity to solve problems and challenges in real-time. 

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Why is video a critical component of learning?

If you’re not integrating video into your learning strategy, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to connect and engage with your employees. To gain an insight into the power of video, perhaps it’s best to look at some key statistics. YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world: the total number of people who visit the site exceeds 1,300,000,000 and it attracts 30 million visitors each day!   

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Get Your Game On: The 3 Key Reasons Your Employees Will Respond to Gamification

Did you know that currently there are over half a billion people globally playing video games or computer games for at least an hour a day and the average young person will amass up to 10, 000 hours of gaming by the time they reach the age of 21? Or that the gamification market will be worth over US$5.5 billion dollars in 2018? 

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The power of personalisation in your learning strategy

If it’s presumed that every person is different, with different motivations and ways of thinking, behaving, reacting and absorbing information, then it only makes sense to recognise and cater for those differences in your eLearning strategy.

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Let’s get social: Why social learning is a valuable tool in your workplace

Let’s face it. Your people are digitally connected, and they probably spend a lot more time on social media than they do actually socialising. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and LinkedIn have dominated much of our behaviour over the last decade and have made information-sharing so much faster and easier.

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Experiential eLearning: understand how it can transform your workplace

Imagine this. In your workplace training, your employees are truly engaged and involved, and given the chance to replicate realistic work situations. At the same time, they absorb crucial information and develop decision-making skills relevant to their roles. 

Then imagine: What impact would this have on their ability to step into their roles with ease and confidence? 

And, even better, imagine they walk away from their training, collectively thinking: “Hey, that was fun!”

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Workstar continues to bring learning to life with VR & AR experts, Virtual Immersive

With AR and VR, the future has truly arrived. As a result, tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and SONY are competing to revolutionise the consumer market. But how do VR and AR fit into Learning and Development? How important is it to integrate this exciting technology into your organisation? And how is it applicable to your learning strategy? Find out more in our latest blog. 

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