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The 70:20:10 model of learning demonstrates that traditional instructional eLearning, no matter how interactive, is effective in delivering only 10% of the learning needs of your workplace.

At Workstar, we are dedicated to delivering all new ways of learning to the workplace. We have developed immersive, innovative digital learning solutions that are effective in supporting the development of people across the entire 70:20:10 spectrum.

Our intuitive digital learning tools not only deliver foundational knowledge, but they also provide the authentic scenarios and simulations required to develop the skills that drive business success.

We are constantly creating more effective individual learning experiences, mobile just-in-time job support tools, we enable manager-led training, and we also bring the power of experiential digital learning to face-to-face training.

We welcome you to explore our next generation learning solutions or contact us to see a wide range of live examples and case studies, and explore how these techniques can help bring your learning to life.

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