Immersive Cultural Change & Onboarding Programs

Initiatives that drive lasting change

Research has demonstrated that disengaged staff are a drain on productivity and innovation, and can be a major hurdle to realising key business strategies. A comprehensive onboarding program is a highly effective method to combat high turnover and low engagement.

Our onboarding and induction programs help new employees learn and engage quickly, whilst embedding core company values, mission and personality to positively influence attitude and behaviour from day oneAn organisation’s culture can be a source of competitive advantage, and is often the difference between winning and losing in a given market.

Workstar’s digital learning solutions are a proven and effective way to build a high performance culture, focused primarily around the customer experience and tailored towards operational excellence.



Onboarding and Induction

Exciting and highly visual induction solutions to engage and educate your new employees


Cultural Change

Learning programs that address cultural defencies and drive lasting change


Customer Experience

Programs designed to improve the customer experience, focusing on addressing the root cause of problems


Onboarding & Culture Clients

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Some of Our Work

Case study: McDonald's Australia's - Induction Program

Year 2013 - 2016
Client McDonald's Australia
Aim Get new McDonald's employees ready to work on their first day.
Solution An online induction program, using interactive digital media. Still being used currently.

30K new users per year ready to work on day one.
Won industry learning award: LearnX Best Learning Program - Induction - Gold, 2013.
Still being used currently.


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Techniques used


Scenarios & Simulations - Bring your learning to life


Face to Face Simulations - Bring business impact to your training room