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Now more than ever, customer service is a key strategic battleground for many industries. Customers expect first class service, and if their expectations are unmet they can voice their dissatisfaction through social media and to their network of friends and family. Even worse, they may even churn to a competitor.

Therefore, it’s critical that your frontline people are highly engaged and customer focused. Digital learning is a highly effective and cost efficient method to bridge capability gaps to ensure first rate service resulting in significant NPS improvements.

Workstar has a track record of delivering proven, effective, and engaging eLearning strategies for blue chip Australian businesses, enabling them to meet their business objectives and become truly customer-centric organisations.



Building empathy, trust and rapport

Out training motivates staff to understand and feel how their attitude and actions impact on the customer experience and NPS


Managing Objections

Objections present an opportunity to inform and advise customers, we have a formula for building this crucial capability


System training

Achieve customer service excellence by allowing your frontline to practise systems processes and gain instant feedback in an offline environment


Dealing with difficult customers

Our solutions build skills around listening, absorbing and responding to upset and difficult customers to minimise churn and dissatisfaction


Customer Service Clients


Some of our work

Case study: McDonald's Australia - Barista Training

Year 2013 - 2016
Client McDonald's Australia
Aim Further improve the McCafé experience by providing high-quality, excellent-tasting coffee and superior service to every customer, every visit.
Solution An experiential learning combining customer service scenarios with a barista simulation initially delivered as a competitive game to drive engagement and confidently acquire new skills.
Results Over 15K new baristas voluntarily completed the learning within 12 months. In this period, McDonald’s increased market share of specialist coffee from 9% to 15%. The solution is still being used to train McCafé staff.

Techniques used


Scenarios & Simulations - Bring your learning to life


Learning games - Bring business impact to your training room