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Buyers are becoming increasingly educated about the marketplace. Before they enter a store or sales environment, they have the resources to research and understand your products’ features and pricing, and also what the competition is offering.

Because of this, the modern salesperson needs to be highly focused on customers’ needs, possess a comprehensive understanding of each product and service and be able to connect with their customers authentically.

Workstar's eLearning solutions deliver engaging and sophisticated digital content to motivate the learner, which ultimately drives long-lasting change.We have a track record of improving sales skills, translating to improved customer experience and loyalty, higher sales and profits.



Indirect Sales Channel Solutions

Our mobile solutions for delivering product training and information, are game changing for businesses reliant on the performance of indirect channels


Managing objections

Objections present an opportunity to inform and advise customers, we have a formula for building this crucial capability


Uncovering Customer Needs & Closing

Our solutions emulate real life interactions with customers, allowing the learner to build capability and skills across different selling phases


Dealing with difficult customers

Our solutions build skills around listening, absorbing and responding to upset and difficult customers to minimise churn and dissatisfaction


Sales Clients

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Some of our work

Case study: Intl Pharmaceutical Businesses - Indirect Sales Channel Solution

Year 2013 - 2016
Client International Pharmaceutical Company
Aim Leverage face-to-face engagements with pharmacy assistants.
Solution Dashboard to provide real-time data on each pharmacy sales performance, and tablet based interactive facilitated conversations.
Over 2,500 pharmacies using the platform. Winner of the gold award for Best eLearning Model at LearnX. The Solution is still being used to train Indirect Sales People.

Techniques used


Scenarios & Simulations - Bring your learning to life


Face to Face Simulations - Bring business impact to your training room