Experiential not Instructional

Research proves it’s more effective to learn by doing, than by being told. Workstar delivers eLearning programs that allow learners to practice in the digital world, before engaging with the real one.

Think about the last time you really learned something. How to use a smartphone. How to cook. A shortcut to the office. A sport or game. You learned by actually doing it. By having a go, making mistakes, and doing it better next time.

Of course, when training is focussed on business-critical issues such as customer service, interpersonal skills, re-energising a brand or business processes, you can’t afford real mistakes. So, Workstar builds programs that imitate the real world. A safe, digital world in which to learn by doing.





scenarios and simulations


Truly Mobile. Right person, right time, right device

We have developed a unique set of learning solutions and technologies to work seamlessly with your LMS, or independently to deliver the learning to your people on their mobile, tablet, desktop, via email, a Facebook feed, or face-to-face.

 just in time learning


Customised Solutions & Bespoke Design

We’re passionate about eLearning and take the time to understand your business, your people and your objectives to create solutions that have real impact to the bottom line, customer experience and employee engagement & effectiveness.


Problem Discovery

Our experienced Consultants work with our Clients to uncover the root causes of business challenges. Often, this involves workshops where we deep dive into their business strategy, processes and capability to identify where eLearning can be used to solve problems and build excellence.


Solution Design

Once problems are identified, our Instructional & UX Designers, use storyboarding and wire framing techniques to create tailored user centric solutions to maximise learner engagement and impact.


Build & Implementation

During the build process we work closely with our clients to ensure we bring their content to life, with the end user in mind throughout the process. We have multiple check ins with the Client, where we can adjust the solution to ensure the optimum end product.


Outcome & Insights

Once live, our reporting platform provides granular data; by user, team and module. Allowing management to understand the proficiency and capability of their learners, to inform and guide future learning activity.


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